Plant Operations


Pandemic Cleaning Protocol

24 hours after E-Vac
Call to Abreu

Abreu visits site (findings)

Abreu calls Masters

Trucks Operational Chemicals on Truck Equipment on Truck Personal Protection Universal Protection
Check all trucks Germicidal wipe towels Foggers Gloves

Portable decontamination room

Maintain a full tank of gas Germicidal Buckets/wringers Goggles/Mask Red Biohazard bags
    Disposable towels TC coverall Proper trash disposal
    Disposable containers TC booties Proper PPE disposal

Pump sprayers


Proper contaminated material disposal

    Mop Heads Duct Tape Call for medical waste pickup
    Decontamination room    
    2.5 gallon bucket    
 TERMINAL – Cleaning Protocol
  1. 1.
  1. Prepare decontamination room (if front of the room to be decontaminated)
  1. 2.
  1. Prepare germicidal solution in a 55 gallon container (use the correct Germicidal it must kill enveloped and non-enveloped viruses)
  1. 3.
  1. Prepare foggers
  1. 4.
  1. Spray room doors (exterior & interior)
  1. 5.
  1. All workers must wear all safety gear (double gloves)
  1. 6.
  1. Walk in room set off foggers
  1. 7.
  1. Allow fogger to work for 5 minutes
  1. 8.
  1. Remove foggers
  1. 9.
  1. Allow 20 minutes for kill time
  1. 10.
  1. Wipe down every area of the room starting with ceiling, walls, furniture, books, electronics (everything gets wiped down)
  1. 11.
  1. Place soiled towels in red bag
  1. 12.
  1. Come out of the room, workers will be sprayed with a germicidal solution
  1. 13.
  1. Remove protective gear. TC gear in red biohazard bag including mask (triple bag)
  1. 14.
  1. Have a 2.5 gallon bucket ready with a germicidal solution
  1. 15.
  1. Place goggles in a bucket for 5 minutes
  1. 16.
  1. Move onto the next area and continue to repeat procedure as needed.
  1. 17.
  1. Call for medical waste pickup
  1. 18.
  1. Entire facility must be disinfected
  1. 19.
  1. Abreu reports up the chain
 Contact information for Master Custodians
Abreu, Pedro Director 786-256-2788 2104
Brinson, Jacqueline Manager III 786-256-8870 2101
Aleman, Jesus Master Custodian 786-340-6712  
Burr, Charlie Master Custodian 786-342-4514  
Castaneda, Jose               Master Custodian 786-342-5389  
Jackson, James B. Master Custodian 786-342-8398  
McDonald, Kenneth Master Custodian 786-282-2488  
Norris, Michael Master Custodian 786-280-7206  
Parchment, Leicester Master Custodian 786-354-1375  
Sanders, Albert B. Master Custodian 786-354-5203  
Health Department  
Health Department



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